HP in Canada are currently offering a free new Xbox 360 as a gift with purchase when buying a new HP computer (spending $599 or more). This is a good promotion for the business mind that likes to relax once in a while from work, and unwind on the Xbox 360 where the hardships and stress of life simply wash away.

HP computer with complementary Xbox 360

From looking at the screen shot you can see that this modern new HP laptop has the same corporate colours as the Xbox 360, suggesting that the laptop would be great for corporate/business use, which in fact is correct. HP supply many businesses all around the world with electronic solutions. Having a powerful and stylish machine with a complementary gaming companion means you can effectively keep work and play separate, while still looking professional.

There are a great many accessories that can be purchased or gifted along with a laptop – most far less expensive than an Xbox..  Having a good mouse, headphones and USB additions are essential. Check the link for premium desktop accessories.

Pick up this great promotion today and enjoy the benefits of a free Xbox 360 and a powerful and modern laptop that would cater for all your desktop and business needs.

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