ODM would like to introduce a new promotional computer mouse with touch web-key.  On the picture below, hit the BMW icon and you will be taken to the BMW website.

Mouse with integrated touch web-key

This is a truly innovative product since there is a visible display and also a direct link to the companies home page.   Easy to customise just like USB keys but more fun since USBs less and less interesting with cloud computing.

The button on the mouse with the direct link can be of great use to customers that use the website of the company on a frequent basis. It can save them time by just clicking instead of typing the website address.

Banks could use this as a promo for new accounts to access online accounts for example – Gift offer of this mouse with the integrated touch web-key.

The model shown in the picture with the BMW web-key could be good for BMW dealerships. This could also be a great promotional gift for sports fans, the key would bring them to the home page of there favorite sports team.

The mouse with the touch web-key is available in two models, a wireless optical and standard optical model.  The product can be customized by printing logos and brand names as well by adopting the corporate colors of the company and the home page to be linked.

The Hong Kong Gift and Premium Fair is a great source for any buyer who wants newinnovative promotional products.  ODM can manufacture and customize the mouse with the touch web-key.  See also blog on…