Desk Promotional Item: Sleek Wooden Computer Mouse for Sales Managers

Tired of the usual corporate gift for sales managers? Why not offer them something that is unique and useful at work? Desk promotional items are a great way to promote your company culture and at the same time incentivize your employees. One of our favorites is this wooden computer mouse with a USB receiver.

Sleek, simple, and handy, sales managers would certainly love this USB computer mouse.

Desk Promotional Items

Desk Promotional Items


Connection Mode: Wireless/Wired
Transmission Frequencies: 2.4G Hz
Button Click Life: 50.000 times
Mouse DPI: 1200-1600dpi
Gross weight: 0.82KG
Compatible with desktop, laptop, notebook, smart TV


Why Offer Wooden Computer Mouse?

Lightweight: Weighing 0.82 kg and measuring 95 x 65 x 35 mm, thsi product is definitely lightweight and compact. It is nice to touch and not heavy, unlike other models. This is ideal for office and gaming.

Ergonomic: The contoured shape of the computer mouse keeps the hand relaxed so it is comfortable to use.

Desk Promotional Items

Desk Promotional Items

Wireless: As this is wireless, you need not worry about tangles and tripping hazards. Thanks to its 2.4 G wireless transmission technology, this mouse can work up to a 10-meter distance.

Unique Marketing Gift: Made from bamboo, it is certainly unique and sustainable. So, this does not look like a promotional product but rather a high-end gift with your brand name. You also have the option to use a beautiful branded packaging box to make it look more presentable and gift-ready.

Desk Promotional Items

Desk Promotional Items


Handy: Sales professionals are always on their desks perusing endless files, researching new ideas, and communicating with potential clients. Offering them something handy and comfortable to use will surely make their work easier and enjoyable. This wooden computer mouse can even be connected to a smart TV.

A Great Place for Brand Positioning: There is ample space for printing your logo. Som using this every day makes your brand remain visible day in and day out.

Great Gift for work from Home Employees: Many people are still working from home since many businesses have yet to open. This wooden mouse pad is a fantastic gift to include in your work from home survival kit.

Ideal Employee Welcome Gift: As a result of the current OVID 19 situation, many companies have started accepting remote workers. If you are one of those companies, offer your new team member a remote onboarding kit complete with all desk promotional items they can use while working at their home office. This wooden computer mouse is a must-have in your kit!


Why Offer Desk Promotional Items?

Office supplies are an easy way to make your company name visible in workplaces. The usual gifts would be branded promotional pens, custom calendars, branded mouse pads, custom branded mugs, or tumblers. Since we are all using computers for our work, computer accessories and other tech products have been popular as well. Webcam covers and custom cable organizers have also become increasingly in-demand promo gifts for the office.

Some of them may be small, but they provide your brand with an immense opportunity to stand out and be remembered.

Furthermore, many desktop promotional items require very little budget to manufacture. Take, for example, custom mousepads!

Here, at ODM, we love original branded corporate ideas that are guaranteed to boost productivity and motivation. If you like this employee gift idea, contact us with product code ODM 3283.

ODM specializes in sourcing, designing, manufacturing promotional products for the global market. Let us know how we can help you out.


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