The fingerprint lock bag is a perfect employee welcome gift idea. This bag is unique as it can keep the owner’s belongings in the bag safely. PS – if you don’t like black employee welcome gifts keep scrolling down.

It is the best corporate gift to welcome your employees- here is why…

Employee Welcome Gift- Designing Smart bags with Fingerprint Lock

Employee Welcome Gift- Designing Smart Bags with Fingerprint Lock

Why we love this product

Safety- The product is created to ensure optimum safety of the owner’s belongings. The software implemented in the lock will only respond to the activated administrators/users fingerprint. This unique corporate gift idea is amazing because it allows employees to feel valued and respected by the company. New employees gain respect for the workplace knowing that the company has their best interests in mind.

Quality- The quality of the bag is exceptional. It is lightweight and has cushion padding along each of the back-pack straps and within the lining of the bag. This ensures optimum comfort for employees and gives the company a good reputation.

Employee Welcome Gift- Designing Smart Bags with Fingerprint Lock

Employee Welcome Gift- Designing Smart Bags with Fingerprint Lock

Convertibility- We love the two-in-one bag design. The custom designed bag is designed to interchange between a briefcase and backpack. This innovative feature is great because it means employees can style the bag to their preferences. The bag can easily cater to their needs due to the switchable straps.


How the fingerprint technology works- The finger lock is administered by one main user but can be used by up to 10 people.

Employee Welcome Gift- Designing Smart Bags with Fingerprint Lock

Employee Welcome Gift- Designing Smart Bags with Fingerprint Lock

When first activating – the main user would press the panel with their index finger for three seconds until the blue light is on. They then would release it and place it again so the blue light flashes. This step is repeated 10 times. The administer is then set. If a red light appears, it means the recognition has failed. But they can continue to put their finger on it 10 times until the red light disappears.


More Features of the fingerprint Lock Bag

Energy efficient- The bag has Low power consumption. This means it can offer 800-1000 lock/unlock actions after fully charged.

Recognition technology: The bag has a quick recognition system capable of identifying the administrators’ fingerprint within one second.

Multiple users: The fingerprint lock can be used by up to 10 people. The administer needs to register each trusted user. This allows the bag to be used by more than one person.

Easy operation- Employees will love how easy it is to work the bag. There is no computer software or smartphones needed to operate the technology. This means all fingerprints are directly managed within the lock.

Inclusions- The bag is conveniently packaged. It comes with everything the employee needs, such as: an instruction manual, the fingerprint detector, a USB type C charger adapter and a lock. These provide the employees with all the necessities, nothing more and nothing less.

Compartments – The bag has multiple storage compartments in the interior and exterior. It also has slip pockets at the back of the bag, to tuck the back-pack straps into them when changing to briefcase mode.

Finger print lock- The finger print lock works with the Zipper, Lock hold, USB port, finger print panel, indicated light, front panel, and lock body. This model is ideal for easy use and convenience.


Want to know more? Here’s a video showing an in depth description of the fingerprint bag and see the amazing features for yourself.


How we can help

If you’re looking for high quality and extraordinary gifts for employee appreciation, and corporate gifts for clients then Contact ODM today to find out how our services can provide your business with these nifty fingerprint lock bags. To get a quote for this product, send us an email. Product code is 2410. For more personalized employee gift ideas, browse through the blogs below.

Designing an Employee Welcome Gift Bag

We showed a basic black bag above.   For orders over 100 pcs we can customise shapes, colours, materials etc… Check out some more ideas for promotional bag design below.

The Opposite of Black Employee Gift Bags.

Cooler bags for food and drinks

Check out all the trolley bags at airports.   Go one further with a fingerprint lock.

Our product design team at Mindsparkz can certainly guide you too.


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