Webcams are hacked everyday. In this digital age, we are all carrying devices that have front-facing cameras. If these are compromised, strangers from anywhere around the globe can take a peak at what you’re doing! Therefore, cyber security is a very serious issue. But we have a very simple solution! Read this article to find out why custom webcam covers are a marketing pot of gold.

Custom Webcam Covers

Custom Webcam Covers

What are Webcam Covers?

Webcam covers are small pieces of plastic that stick onto your computer’s camera using a simple adhesive, and that’s it! It comes equipped with a slider that allows you to be in control of when the camera is visible or not. So only open it when you need to!

The adhesive does not directly touch the camera so the webcam quality won’t be affected.

They definitely are cheap promotional items. Furthermore, effective in improving cybersecurity and makes for a great promotional gift idea.

Custom Webcam Covers

Custom Webcam Covers

Why Custom Webcam Covers are Perfect for Corporate Promotions

Whether you work at a call center, an office job, or in your own home, a camera will always be pointing at you. But computers, tablets, and corporate phones are an essential tool for businesses to operate. So, custom webcam covers would make the perfect corporate gift!

  • Brand awareness. If you stick your company logo on these pieces of plastic, it can be very effective for increasing brand awareness. Checkout these Mindsparkz custom webcam covers we designed below. It is a very easy way to promote your brand and makes your company look that much more professional.
  • Practical. As mentioned earlier, custom webcam covers are very useful to have for protecting ones’ privacy. Not only are they for computers, but can be used on phone and tablet cameras! This makes them multi-functional and therefore useful to a lot of people.
  • Staff retention. These webcam covers are a very handy item to have. But it is hard to find in stores and usually requires ordering them online. If staff is receiving unique corporate gifts like these webcam covers, it will make them appreciate the company and promote a better workforce. Or even hand them out for free at conferences!
  • Easy to use. It only takes a second to peel off the sticky adhesive and place it over your camera of choice. The simple design makes it attractive to all audiences as no equipment is required!
  • Wide promotional opportunity. This is also the type of item you could also give as part of a corporate gift set! Why not look through the list of our top 15 premium gift ideas to inspire you!


Custom Webcam Covers

Custom Webcam Covers


Promotional Gift Packages

Corporate anniversaries are a perfect time to shower your employees with freebies. These webcam covers make the perfect addition to a promotional gift package. Read this to find out how to maximise investment in corporate gifts.

Custom Webcam Covers

Custom Webcam Covers


Cybersecurity shows that your company cares about your well-being. So why not also throw in customisable stress toys as another simple but easy way to increase staff loyalty. That’ll really let them know you care!


Speaking of multi-functional promo gifts, why not consider adding a branded compass clock. It is a 2-in-1 and the roman numerals and packaging make it look like a premium item!


Customizing corporate gifts with your logo/design makes your brand look professional and promotes brand longevity. We have a whole blog post dedicated to setting up a corporate merchandise store which can provide anything from ballpoint pens to USB mug warmers!


Throw in some post-its and mouse pads, custom water bottles, or custom power banks to complete your client gift pack! A custom power bank gift set with webcam cover freebie will also make a great employee and customer incentive.


How ODM can help

Make sure to contact us here at The ODM Group where our Mindsparkz design team can come up with an idea that will tick all the right boxes for your brand!

If you are interested in the custom webcam cover, contact us today! Do remember to quote the product code ODM-2622. We can also brainstorm and come up with interesting product ideas that will surely make your brand stand out.

Our past clients are very satisfied with our work and the end results. Here are some of your past projects with very well known brands, Manufacturing for Tech Industry.


For more product inspiration, see below:

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Promotional bags are also a great employee gift idea since the bags can be printed with brand name. Besides, heavy-duty bags can be used by employees for business trips and company outings. Here are some examples:


Pair webcam covers with these eco-friendly laptop sleeves. Your employees and customers will definitely appreciate the thought!


Get your team to wear your brand to extend brand visibility beyond the confines of your office walls!


Customizable usb pens as business giveaways and corporate gift. Recipients will certainly love the 2-in-1 function of this promotional item.


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Are custom webcam covers expensive?

No, they are very cost-effective to manufacture in China, which depends on the quantity you are looking for?

How can these webcam covers be customized?

They can be branded with your logo through silk screen printing. Furthermore, you can customise the shape and colour. Lastly, it can also come in customised blister gift packaging to make this product more high-end.

What kind of promotions are the custom webcam covers perfect for?

Event Merchandise, Corporate giveaways, employee appreciation gifts, redemption gifts, trade show gifts and more!