Promotional bags are one of the most popular gifts that companies give away to their customers. Promotional bags are very functional because they can be used on a daily basis, depending on the bag, you can either bring it to work or to the beach. Furthermore, promotional bags help your company increase the branding visibility of your promotional campaign. This is due to the large surface area available to brand your company’s logo or message.

We at ODM have compiled a list of different promotional bags that you can offer away to your clients!

Top 10 promotional bags options

First off, as a global citizen in the I.T era, there are a high percentage of people that owns a tablet. So why not offer a tablet bag to your customers? This bag offers lots of opportunities for customization, you can custom make your very own zipper, strap, etc.

Promotional bags - Tablet bag

Promotional bags – Tablet bag

Traveling between places is such a favorite pastime for many people and the tourism industry has always been a booming business. So why not give away a travel bag as a gift to your customers? A travel bag has a very high perceived value because it is believed to be expensive. If your company is willing to splurge a little extra to make your customers really happy, this gift is perfect for you!

Promotional bags: Travel bag

Promotional bags: Travel bag

Finally, why not consider giving away an eco-friendly bag to your customers? Offering them a shopping bag that is made out of recyclable materials could just be the option to improve the overall image of your company. By offering a product that is environmentally friendly, it helps to market your company as one that is responsible and not only about profit. People are more willing to spend money on a product which they feel is actually beneficial to the environment!

We at ODM hope that this list is helpful to you and do feel free to approach us if you need any help with your upcoming marketing campaign!