Škoda, is an automobile manufacturer based in the Czech Republic. In 2011, Škoda sold a record number of 875,000 cars, and it stated that it aimed to double its sales by 2018, as part of the Volkswagen Group‘s plan to become the largest car maker in the world. The brand has a strong and aggressive marketing strategy with many give aways. Skoda is giving away a promotional cap as part of their promotional campaign. This is a really cool way to attract attention to the brand.

Give aways by Škoda: Promotional Cap

Give aways by Škoda: Promotional Cap

Why is this promotional cap a great idea for give aways?

People love give aways and promotional caps. This makes using promotional caps a great idea. Imprinting your logo or slogan on cap is quick and easy. Promotional caps are everywhere. People often wear baseball caps when they wouldn’t wear any other style hat. One of the most popular ideas is to imprint the logo on the front of the cap and the slogan and address on the side.

They have a high perceived value and great visibility. Anyone that comes across wearing one of these promotional caps will become more familiar with your logo, potentially promoting conversation. Moreover, they are very affordable and can be designed for any type of business. Come up with a new and unique design that will make  your promotional cap stand out!

They can be easily matched to other promotional clothing. Companies can hand them out as give aways to customers or staff. When it comes to investing on a promotional gift for your business, promotional caps have an extremely high return on investment. Customers will appreciate the gift and you can benefit from the free advertising.

Some words in Russian for our local followers:

Компания Škoda каждый год проводит большое количество различных рекламных акций. В настоящее время у Вас есть отличная возможность получить стильную кепку с логотипом компании. Кепка очень удобный и популярный головной убор, а также прекрасный рекламный носитель!