As a business owner, you want to make sure that you get the best out of your marketing strategy. You want your promotional giveaways to increase engagement and inspire repeat sales. For your next brand campaign, why not try this promotional mini basketball?

Give Your Brand a Boost with Promotional Mini Basketball Game

Give Your Brand a Boost with Promotional Mini Basketball Game

Promotional Mini Basketball for Brand Campaign

This product do more than just ease your boredom. They provide tremendous advertising opportunities as well. If you’re wondering how it can help your business, here, we explain how you can use them to effectively promote your brand:

  • Sports Promotions: This desktop basketball game is ideal for sports promotions. When designing, product designers can use either sponsor’s logo or team logo to create buzz. You can give them away to fans as a limited edition sports merchandise. Running a limited edition promo creates an urgency that motivates customers to make a purchase.
  • Drinks Promotions: Beverage companies often sponsor sports team. Using this desktop basketball game as giveaway can help drinks brands and sports team to gain exposure.
Give Your Brand a Boost with Promotional Mini Basketball Game

Give Your Brand a Boost with Promotional Mini Basketball Game

  • On Pack Promotions: Promotional mini basketball game works well as on pack gift with kiddie products such as juice, cereals, and apparel. Plus, it can be a simple way to encourage kids to peel their eyes away from their gadget, TV, and computer.
  • Trade Show Giveaway: Recipients always remember the companies that give freebies or gifts. Small yet brandable, this promotional mini basketball will make a remarkable trade show giveaway. Furthermore, they can be displayed at home afterwards, which means prolonged exposure for your business.
  • Gift with Purchase: Marketing managers can use this as a gift with purchase product along with sporting goods such as tumblers, basketball, shoes, and shirts. The base and the mini ball can be printed with logo or brand name. This way, customers will get to see your company name every time they play.

So what makes this product interesting?

How to Use Promotional Mini Basketball

  • The mini basketball game has a half court board made of aluminum, a pole with hoop, a catapult system, and a mini ball with a string attached to it.
Give Your Brand a Boost with Promotional Mini Basketball Game

Give Your Brand a Boost with Promotional Mini Basketball Game

  • Just put the ball into the catapult system and release it with one finger. The string keeps the ball from rolling off the desk.
  • Designed for one player but can be played by two people. Players can take turns shooting the ball and the one who gets the higher score wins.

Some people barely have time to play basketball on a regular basis, but this desktop basketball game could give them the thrill of shooting hoops without leaving their seats. More than just a toy,  it also helps kids develop hand -eye coordination.

Portable and easy to assemble, players can use it during their free time just about anywhere.

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