Children marketing products are getting more popular as targeting the kids usually have a high return of investment. This is because parents are pampering their kids. Thus, basketball hoop becomes a great giveaway and a useful children’s marketing product.  Want to find out how this product can help you to grow in your business? Read on more to find out!

Score with these basketball hoop giveaways

Score with these basketball hoop giveaways

Why use basketball hoop as part of your marketing effort?

This basketball hoop is a great gift because of many reasons. A high perceived value product and promotes healthy living, it is a user-friendly product for many families.

Firstly, it is a gift with a highly perceived value. A basketball hoop does not come across as a low valued gift. This is because it has a high price tag and people generally feel that a larger gift has a higher value. Thus, giving your customers a larger gift shows that you are willing to splurge on them and they feel like they are getting more than they paid for. As a result, boosting your sales.

Secondly, this gift promotes healthy living. The basketball hoop encourages people to start playing basketball or any sports. This places a positive brand image on your name as your product entices people to live a better lifestyle. Then, this product would definitely be great for companies in the health industry or sports industry.

Lastly, basketball is a popular sport amongst children. Thus, giving a complimentary gift to the kids would help to promote your brand greatly. Kid these days love basketball, especially in America. Who hasn’t heard about the LA Lakers or Houston Rockets? Boys grew up with LeBron James, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. These names are hard to miss. Thus, by complementing their childhood role models and heroes, a basketball hoop becomes a useful gift as the kids can now play basketball in the backyard. This will definitely boost the brand loyalty of the child to your brand, as they will use your product everyday to play basketball.

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Thus, a basketball hoop is a very useful gift with high returns. When you think about what promotional products to giveaway the next time, think about its benefits and how it can boost your sales. This basketball hoop is certainly a product you would want to include in your next giveaway! Contact ODM Asia for more details today.