Flip flops are perfect as a marketing tool. Promotional flip flops are light, compact and highly customisable. This is why it is great for on-pack promotional gift. Flip flops are great for free advertising as well. Here are some ideas on how you can use flip flops as a marketing gift.

Promotional Flip Flop - Logo Stamping Beach Sandals

Promotional Flip Flop – Logo Stamping Beach Sandals

Free Advertising

Take a look at this HSBC sandals. This is an example on how to make a free advertising. When you walk on the sand with this flip flop, you will ‘stamp’ the sand with the sole. Customize the sole of your promotional flip flops to facilitate free advertising. Don’t look at the fact that the print on the sand does not last forever; think about the number of people that will see your brand! It is definitely an unusual sight of seeing logo stamped on the sand. People will marvel at how creative you are in getting to them.

Promotional Flip Flop - Flat Sandals

Promotional Flip Flop – Flat Sandals

Innovative Promotional Flip Flop

When planning what kind of slippers to offer to your customers, put them in the centre spotlight. Think about how the product will benefit your customer. This slippers are great for travellers. The slippers can be disassembled into a flat piece of EVA. Customers can use it as a house slippers in their hotel rooms. If you think that this EVA slippers are too thin, you can use this design that Hilton Hotel used instead.

Promotional Flip Flop with Board

Promotional Flip Flop with Board

These two are better designs as they are safer to use. The concept is similar to those of a puzzle. You may customized the shape of the board, allowing you to use more space for branding. You should consider offering this as an on-pack gift!

Promotional Flip Flop - Mascot Flip Flop

Promotional Flip Flop – Mascot Flip Flop

Licensed Character and Mascot

Every licensed character usually has a concept that may be in line with your company value. You can tap on their fan base to increase your market share. Products using licensed character certainly have a high perceived value. Homer Simpson‘s fans would love to receive this plush slippers.

For companies that have a mascot, use it to promote your brand. Your mascot takes a lot of resources to design. Do not waste this hard-earned design that can boost your marketing campaign.

If you are launching a new product, you can cut the slipper in the shape of your product. For example, the Coca-Cola slippers are definitely very attractive. Consider combining the Coca-Cola idea with the beach stamping flip flop.

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Custom Promotional Flip Flop