Imagine how eye catching it will be to leave a trail of your brand prints along the beach. You can do it withPromotinoal Flip Flops (called Thongs in Australia) Mould your brand into the EVA for a specially customized logo on the sole.

On the right, you can see an example of the HSBC Flip Flop and its logo on the sole.

Wearing this product, users will create strong brand print trails as they walk on the sand or after walking on wet ground.

This is a functional product for customers and at the same time it provides free advertising for the company. This amazing summer promo gift is able to help your company increase publicity, thus boosting sales. Furthermore, it is definitely an affordable promo gift to be considered for many marketing campaigns.

Take a look at how a brand print can be created below.

Customized Flip Flop Promos

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