General Mills, one of the biggest food companys selling trusted food brands, did some promotion with specific packages of cereal.

If you buy one specific marked package of cereal you get a free shirt. But if you purchase two specially marked packages of Nature Valley “Granola Bars or Betty Crocker” Child Snacks you get free flip- flops.

What you had to do to get your free shirt or flip- flops: First search for the code(s) at the inside of the package. Then type your code(s) and select the size at Life made delicious  and after 8-10 weeks the free shirt or flip- flops will arrive in the mail.

Free Shirt or Flip- Flops

It is a good advertising strategy because the people who wear the gift with purchase show everyone else that they think it is worth to buy these specific products. So these people contribute to unpaid marketing.

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Just a few words to our German speakers:

Diese Kampagne ist gut an die Jahreszeit angepasst. Im Sommer sind Flip Flops und Shirts sehr beliebt und da ist es gut möglich, dass man statt in ein Schuh- oder Modeladen zu gehen eher in ein Lebensmittelgeschäft geht, um sich durch die Marketingaktion mit neuen Flip Flops oder einem neuen Shirt auszustatten.