Axe, a very famous Unilever brand for cosmetics, is running a promotional marketing campaign at the moment.  Buy Axe deodorant you got a shirt for free. But it was not any ordinary shirt, it was a German Podolski fan shirt.

The word Axe on the front side is very obvious and people from a far distance can see it easily. The German colours, black, red, gold,  and also Podolski´s face is printed on the shirt. This is really unique because even in a shop you cannot buy a shirt with any player´s face on a fan tricot.

GWP Front side

On the back side you can see Axe sport on the collar, the name Podolski and his number in the German national team: 20.

GWP Back side

The relation is quite big. Playing football means putting in a big physical effort and this means you will sweat. To avoid the bad smell you have to use some kind of deodorants, for example Axe.

The fan shirt is a good incentive to buy Axe deodorants because you can get this gift with purchase for a really low price comparing to other fan shirts.   Check out other marketing blogs since Unilever sell under the Lynx brand in other countries.

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Just a few words to our German speakers:

Das Podolski Fan Trikot ist als Werbeartikel sehr geeignet, da es einen großen Anreiz gibt das Axe Deo zu kaufen. Solch ein speziell auf einen Spieler zugeschnittenes Trikot ist sehr selten und Podolskis Gesicht unter den Deutschland-Farben machen das Werbegeschenk einzigartig.