Football Merchandising is increasingly popular and here is another really interesting promotion. Check out this past T-Com offer of a German Fanshirt for each of their customers. You just have to become a customer of the company to get one of the Shirts. That means: just buy a cell phone or a something else and you get your official promo gift.

This jersey is a good promo item because of the association between soccer and T-Com, that is a sponsor for many soccer clubs. Fans will be influenced by the branded jersey, therefore it is a nice incentive product as well.

By attaching corporate sponsors to promotional jerseys like this it can rapidly increase your brand recognition and gives customers a rewarding Gift with Purchase!

German T-Com Promotion – Fanshirt

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Just a few words for our German readers:

T-Com verschenkt offiziele Fanshirts anlässlich der WM 2006 in Deutschland. Jeder Kunde erhät garantiert einen solchen Werbeartikel. Diese landesweite Promoaktion wird dem Unternhemen dabei helfen seine Popularität noch weiter zu steigern und sein Image aufzubessern.