Rewe, a big German food company, used the EURO 2012 for commmercial purpose. If you bought products, for example tomatoes, bread, chips or meat in the value of more than 10 Euros you recieve a German national player collecting card for free.


Football promo


The German national player collecting cards can be combinded with the DFB scrapbook you need to buy extra. Because everyone wants to be the first one in his circle of friends to complete the scrapbook their is a big incentive to buy Rewe products.

So the gift with purchase leads to extra profit which is a very good markteing and advertising strategy.

Also you have the possibility to buy some more fan articles like the German mascot Paule.

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Just a few words to our German speakers:

Sechs Sammelkarten sind sogar in 3D. Hält man sie vor die Webcam kann man die Spieler in 3D erleben. Man hat die Möglichkeit die Karten zu tauschen, zu sammeln oder sogar Quartett mit ihnen zu spielen. Da spielt natürlich das Alter keine Rolle, sammeln kann sie jeder und damit das eigene Team anfeuern.