Rosbacher, a large mineral water company in German is introducing a new promotional campaign!

German Rosbacher Promotion

When you accumulate purchases of 5 boxes of water in total, you will be rewarded with a special promotional item of your choice!

rewards for 5 boxes

Rewards for 5 boxes:

bag, gift cards for several shops.

Rewards for 10 boxes:

Michael Schumacher Shirt, shoulder bag, gift cards, football

Rewards for 20 boxes

Rewards for 20 boxes:

Michael Schumacher Cap, wristwatch, high-quality bag, gift cards, scales

Rewards for 30 boxes:

MP4- Player, Fitness stuff, coffee machine, mini-football game, gift cards.

There is a limit of 30 boxes of water to redeem those promotional gifts, and customers are also allowed to do so until they have bought 30 boxes.

This promotional campaign would generate sales due to the fact that many customers will purchase Rosbacher‘s water in order to get rewarded with a gift. Most importantly, water is a necessity which every customer would purchase. Therefore, it does not cost them anything extra, except to switch brands.

Furthermore, there is a good possibility that customers are convinced for a repeat purchase, as Rosbacher has proven the good quality of their product.

All in all, this promotional campaign gives the customers the opportunity to be rewarded with cool promotional products and the company has the chance to increase sales.

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A few words in German:

Rosbacher hat mit alle Werbeartikel aufgefahren, die auf Lager waren; für eine riesige Promotionskampagne. Beim Kauf von Rosbacher Kästen werden Kunden mit Produkten belohnt. Hierbei richtet sich die Belohnnung nach der Anzahl der Kästen. Von 5 über 10, 20 bis 30. Diese Promotion ermöglich es den Kunden coole Produkte zu erhalten und erhöht auf der anderen Seite sicherlich auch den Absatz von Rosbacher Mineralwasser und deren Popularität.