If you are one of our regular readers, you probably know how much we love a fantastic retro marketing gift. So today, we would like to draw your attention to these mini camera shape viewers!

retro marketing gift

Old School Colors

Probably the Best Retro Marketing Gift…

It is, indeed, one of our favorite retro marketing gifts. It’s actually small enough to be used as a keyring, it carries up to 8 pictures and is cheap enough to be given away.

retro marketing gift

retro marketing gift


Although the branding surface is small (“Camera” printing on the picture above), it’s probably the only promo gift that can tell a story or carry a part of your catalog with pictures and prices… It’s probably the coolest way to give away your company credentials (and one of the only ways to have your clients carrying them for weeks/months).

retro marketing gift

Tape with your custom pictures


Do you like this retro marketing gift? Simply provide us with 8 to 12 pictures and we will make a tape (like the above) that would be inserted into the mini-viewer.

There is one more feature that makes this gift very unique. It’s the small transparent container on the camera lens.

You can use it to carry some candies or anything else that would fit in this small space.

retro marketing gift

Candy Box Integration

retro marketing gift

Transparent plastic container for candies

A Great Gift with Purchase Option:

Due to its small size and material, it can be presented as a collectible gift with purchase option or branded on-pack promotion. This miniature looking version of a camera will most certainly win your customers’ hearts.

This retro marketing gift is ultra-cool with its own bright and spontaneous colors to capture the attention of passers-by. Hence, drawing attention to your company products and increasing brand exposure and brand activation.

How to use this Retro Marketing Gift:

Just look through the lens to see any of the magnified pictures on the tape, and press the button to rotate the tape and see the next one. How simple is that?

Retro Marketing Gift

Look through the lens to see the different slides

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