Bluetooth speakers are increasingly popular nowadays as they are very practical and great for many occasions. As people are being more environmentally-conscious, they are looking for more sustainable products. So, a custom cardboard speaker will be a popular item to give as promotional products to increase brand awareness.

custom cardboard speaker

Custom Cardboard Speaker


Here are 9 reasons why your company should have a custom cardboard speaker as a promotional gift:


You can customise this cardboard speaker to whatever you like, like the colour, shape or design. You can also have your brand logo on it. Hence, this will increase brand exposure as people would notice the logo and may be interested to know about it.

custom cardboard speaker

Custom Cardboard Speaker

Suitable for anyone

A custom cardboard speaker is suitable for anyone. People would use a speaker to listen to music, the radio or podcasts. They are also great for any occasions such as parties or chilling outdoors, and for any location like at home, the beach or the park.

Custom Cardboard Speaker

Custom Cardboard Speaker

User Friendly

A custom cardboard speaker is not too complicated to assemble. There are only a few easy steps and instructions are also given. It is also very easy to connect your phone to the speaker.



The speakers are made of cardboard, which is lighter than the normal speakers, which are made of metal or plastic. Hence, it is not bulky to bring it around.



They are also flat and can easily fit into your bag. You can also dismantle it first, to make it more compact and then assemble it again when you are going to use it.



As these custom cardboard speakers are Bluetooth, there is no need for USB cables and wires. Hence, you will not need to do any installation work.  Also, it will not be cumbersome as you will never have to fiddle with tangled wires. In addition, they are great for outdoor use, as your phone can be far away from the speaker but still allows you to stream music.



The speakers are made of eco-friendly cardboard and produce a low carbon footprint. Hence, making it more sustainable than your normal speakers. Additionally, you will produce little to no electronic waste. Furthermore, they are bio-degradable and you can also recycle them.



If you are looking for a cost-effective custom gift, a custom cardboard Bluetooth speaker is the answer. Cardboard is a cheaper option than metal.


Great Home Décor

They are very visually appealing and will make a great home decoration. It will definitely intrigue visitors.


Our takeaways

Custom cardboard speakers are definitely one of the trendiest and creative promotional merchandise ideas out there. They are great for anywhere and every occasion. They are also unique and will stand out from other speakers. If you are looking for eco-friendly marketing gifts and custom promotional giveaways, why not consider a cardboard speaker?


How ODM can help

Interested in a custom cardboard speaker or looking for other promotional merchandise ideas?  Feel free to reach out to us. Together with the help of the Mindsparkz team, we can assist you with product brainstorming, designing, sampling, and manufacturing of merchandise.

If you are interested in this product, send us an email and quote product code ODM-2739 and ODM-2881  to find out more about these amazing merchandise.


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