We have many interesting blogs on promotional speakers, and we have found another interesting one. Introducing the custom aroma diffuser speaker! Essential oils are very popular nowadays due to their believed healing abilities and many homes have aroma diffusers. Bluetooth speakers are also very trendy tech product as well. So, combining these two ideas together is definitely a sure-win promotional product! Not only, that this custom aroma diffuser speaker has a lamp function – a 3-in-1 product! It will definitely amuse many customers!

Custom Aroma Diffuser Speaker

Custom Aroma Diffuser Speaker

About the Speaker

Custom Aroma Diffuser Speaker

Custom Aroma Diffuser Speaker

Aroma Diffuser

The custom aroma diffuser speaker is really easy to use! All you need to do is remove the cover. Then, add water and a couple of drops of the essential oil of your choice. Then, it will release the scents. Furthermore, it is also functional as an air humidifier.


The speaker has a Bluetooth function, hence, there is no need for cables to connect it to your phone. The speakers have great sounds and can also be used as a speakerphone!


The lamp used LED lights, hence, it is more energy conserving. You can also change the colour of the lights.


Why have them as promotional gifts?

Custom Aroma Diffuser Speaker

Custom Aroma Diffuser Speaker


These custom aroma diffuser speakers have many different functions, hence, they will be very useful for the customer.  They are unique but effective at the same time. The customer will definitely keep this product and put it to great use. Furthermore, they are really soothing products to have at home.



They are great for many uses and for many different kinds of customers. You can have it as a living decoration or a nightlight to place beside your bed. Other than homes, they also make a great office item or a car accessory to freshen up the area. For example, having them in taxis or private hire will definitely give the passenger a better experience!



They are beautifully designed and really visually appealing. They will definitely make a great decoration at home. Also, visitors will admire this innovative product.


Brand Awareness and Loyalty

You can have your brand logo on the product. People will want to learn more about your brand when they notice the logo. Additionally, having this product as premium giveaways to your customers will show that you value them and they will continue to be loyal to your brand.


Our Key Takeaways

We absolutely love this custom aroma diffuser speaker because of its multi-purpose function. They are really great for anyone and for any occasion. Also, many will be interested in this product due to their uniqueness and practicality.  Therefore, having this product as branded promotional gifts will definitely boost your brand awareness and loyalty.


If you are interested in this product, you can reach out to us and quote the code ODM-2674.


Relaxation Day

Custom aroma diffuser speaker

August 15 is Relaxation Day!

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If you are looking for custom promotional merchandise for your company, we are happy to help you with it. ODM has years of experience in the promotional product industry and we specialize in promotional product design, sourcing, sampling, manufacturing, auditing, and quality control. We also have an in-house team of designers that can help you with ideating and designing your product.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What oil diffuser types are there?

There are ultrasonic, heat, evaporative and nebulizing diffusers.

What are the best essential oils that can be used in a diffuser?

There is peppermint, lavender, jasmine, eucalyptus, chamomile, tea tree and bergamot.

What are aroma diffusers good for?

They are good to reduce and prevent stress and anxiety. These essential oils also have a direct effect on the parts of the brain that control anxiety and stress. This exposure decreases the blood pressure and heart rate which allows a person to relax.