5 Marketing Advantages of Custom Fidget Toys

Fidget toys have been received quite the hype from consumers lately. It has a lot of benefits for the consumer – relieving stress, anxiety and agitation. However, how can you use this product to benefit your brand?

As a Marketer, it is important to capture trends in the industry and leverage on what consumers value. Sometimes, your product or service might not be sufficient to stand out from competitors. Here is where promotional products play its role.

Promotional products help brands promote their branding using products that are not necessarily part of their product line. These are usually given in the form of gift-with-purchase or a promotional gift.

Today, we will be sharing with our readers 5 marketing advantages brands have when using custom fidget toys. In particular, this article aims at showcasing some great features of these stress relief magnetic rings.

custom fidget toys

1. Portable & Compact

These custom fidget toys are really small in size, as it should to be a handful. Each ring is approximately 18mm in diameter. The rings are magnetic, therefore it will atach together to make it compact and cohesive. You can easily store it in your bag when not in use – which will come in handy when you’re feeling fidgety.

This is an important aspect of promotional products. Portable promotional products are much likely to be used frequently. This allows optimal brand exposure for your company.

custom fidget toys

2. Easy to Use

Promotional products shouldn’t be confusing to use! Just like your marketing content, your marketing merchandise should also be comprehensive for your target audience.

These rings are easy to use. The magnetic mechanics of the products allows it to rotate smoothly in 360 degrees to have a continuous fidget session. Unlike the fidget spinners, the custom fidget toys are not as distracting.

Complex objects prevent consumers from using them. Therefore, try to opt for something simple and easy to use when you’re adding value for your customers.

custom fidget toys

3. Engaging

How do you make sure that your branding is successful? Make sure your products and marketing messages are engaging. Therefore, it is important to choose a promotional product that is engaging and interactive. This allows your brand to create a relationship with your customers and legitimize your brand exposure.

Custom fidget toys make an engaging promotional product. Since it requires your hands to engage with, it occupies your customers time and bringing the attention to your brand.

custom fidget toys

4. Easy to Customize

As you can see, these custom fidget toys can come in various colors. In order to align it with your branding, you can easily choose the colors of your custom fidget toys to align with your corporate colors. This creates a longer lasting brand impression with your customers when they are able to associate your corporate colors with your branding. The same applies for packaging. Color schemes are a great way to establish your branding.

Each ring can also be engraved with your brand logo. Making your brand integral as part of the fidget experience.

5. Relaxing, Promotes Goodwill

As mentioned early in this blog, custom fidget toys give much benefit to the customer. It helps them relax and relieves stress. Similar to a stressball, custom fidget toys occupy the hands when its more inclined to fidget. It definitely keeps people in a regulated mood, and your brand should offer your customers the same experience.

If mental health awareness is a cause your brand promotes, custom fidget toys can help promote your cause – as well as promote your brand’s goodwill. In marketing, its all about serving your customers’ best interest.

In a nutshell….

Lets be real here. This particular product might not have a mass appeal as it had a few years ago. However, we believe this product is a great product targeted at kids. Kids of course have quite an influence on their parent’s spending. Not a product that is right for your audience? Fret not. Our business is dedicated for that. Read our online magazine, and check out 8,000 + marketing case studies we’ve written on. We cover marketing mechanisms like gift-with-purchase, purchase with purchase promotions, POS Displays and more.

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Hope you find inspiration from our article. If you’re interested in manufacturing these custom fidget toys, quote product code #3031 and we will be happy to assist you in your project.

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