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If you’re looking to manufacture products with China’s #1 Vegan Leather Supplier, look no further. If you are familiar with our blogs already, you would probably know how closely we work with Chinese factories and suppliers. We have networked with over 2,000 factories in China that specialize in manufacturing products like Vegan Leather Bags.

Many were skeptic of these ‘Vegan Leather’ materials that were being commercially used in manufacturing merchandise.

Due to the traditional nature of procuring leather, Vegan Leather quickly became marketed as “fake leather” to the general public. This is especially because of the cheaper costs involved in manufacturing Vegan Leather.

So what is Vegan Leather? And why is it making a come back?

Vegan Leather Supplier

Vegan Leather is otherwise known as Synthetic Leather, Artificial Leather, Faux Leather or Pleather. It became a popular substitute for manufacturing leather products, as it looked and feel like a genuine leather.

However, both materials are completely different in terms of material component and manufacturing.

Manufacturing : Vegan Leather vs Traditional Leather

In general, these Vegan Leather Bags are commonly made of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and Polyurethane (PU). With a trade network from our Chinese Suppliers, we’ve managed to source some of the biggest and cost-effective suppliers in China who offer a variety of PVC and PU product lines for mass manufacturing.

In contrast with Vegan Leather, traditional leather uses animal skin. The most common hide used in manufacturing traditional leather come from cows. Therefore introducing animals into manufacturing significantly makes it more expensive to manufacture leather, because more resources are needed to harvest them.

Vegan Leather Supplier
Vegan Leather Supplier
Vegan Leather Supplier

Quality : Vegan Leather vs. Traditional Leather

As mentioned before, Vegan Leather Suppliers use PVC or PU to manufacture their products. PVC and PU are synthetic fibres that uses chemicals, and a lot of petroleum. This causes Vegan Leather to produce a unique smell, which is usually not the case with traditional leather.

Vegan Leather also is not as permeable like traditional leather, which is why it does not allow as much air to pass through. This becomes a disadvantage for Vegan Leather products when manufacturing clothes.

Vegan Leather also does not age like traditional leathers. This is a factor most leather enthusiasts value with traditional leathers – which no Vegan Leather Supplier has been able to replicate.

Like traditional leather, Vegan Leather can also be fireproof. However, this is not always the case. We can produce fire retardent PVC/PU materials with low cost.

Vegan Leather Supplier
Vegan Leather Supplier

Disadvantages : Vegan Leather vs Traditional Leather

One disadvantage Vegan Leather has as compared to traditional leather is the use of chemicals in manufacturing. When burnt, Vegan Leather can produce toxins. However, this is also not always the case – because Vegan Leather suppliers are consistently adjusting the chemicals used in these Vegan Leathers in order to make them safer.

A disadvantage of using traditional leather is the nature of manufacturing it. To produce genuine leather, killing livestock is inevitable. Almost 150,000 cows are killed to produce genuine leather products. Therefore, the manufacturing of genuine leather will always be at the expense of an animal.

Vegan Leather Supplier
Vegan Leather Supplier


There will always be pros and cons between choosing these 2 types of leather. The benefits of these leathers will only be certain if you understand your target market.

After studying the promotional products market, we’ve realized that Vegan Leather offers more value to businesses, due to the cheap costs. However, it is also a great marketing strategy to align your branding with Vegan-friendly products. The Vegan Movement have shown an impressive cause, with many consumers now interested in protecting animal rights.

In particular, we’ve seen Vegan Leather become very successful with bags. Non-vegan consumers are much more forgiving with Vegan Leather bags because they don’t have to wear it.

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