FMCG brands are constantly rolling out supermarket in-store promotions as the industry is very competitive. Now, brands are targeting kids as they are a very important demographic and a major influencer in the adult’s decision-making process. Having an effective marketing strategy will encourage pester power to buy the brand’s product. Recently, I came across this plastic hangsell display by Nutella at a supermarket in Singapore. Indeed, it is a simple yet very effective promotion by Ferrero.

Plastic Hangsell

Plastic Hangsell

Here is why we love this hang sell display:

Choice of Material

It is made of plastic, which is a cost-effective and durable material. Design possibilities are endless with material as they can be customised into various shapes, sizes, and colours.   For Nutella’s hangsell, there is a transparent portion to clearly display the products.

Simple yet Functional Design

The design is simple but very functional. This custom hangsell display gives a full 360-degree view of the product. The snack is refilled through the top section and shoppers can take one from the bottom. This makes it very kid-friendly as children do not need to stretch and tiptoe to get one packet.

Plastic Hangsell

Plastic Hangsell

Space Saving

This product display does not take up any shelf space. This display can fit 12 items.

Capture’s Children Attention

The advertising of the products is effective as the hangsell is hung on a lower shelf so kids could notice the display. The colour theme of the display is simple but is very eye-catching and fun which will attract the attention of children and other customers.

Hangsell displays makes Nutella&Go stand out from other snacks. Children are more likely to grab a Nutelle&Go than other snacks.

Making your In-store Promotions Kid Friendly


The design of your in-store display should be kid-friendly so that the products are visible and accessible for them to reach. Just remember, eye level is Buy Level. Your hangsell display should be hung lower so it can capture the attention of children.

Fun Vibrant Colours

Furthermore, the hangsell display design should be fun and vibrant to suit their taste. This means choosing basic colours like sky blue, pink, yellow, or green, not use dull and boring colors like black, grey, or brown.


Other than using bright colours, try to limit the number of words. Children are more likely to be attracted by the fun visuals on it, so you can also include cartoon characters on it.

Free Gift

Having a gift with a purchase together with the snack can create more pester power. Kids will be enticed to buy an item just to get a free toy or item. We also recommend having licensed merchandise with popular cartoon characters as they will definitely beg their parents to get one for them.

Do take a look at this great example by Milo. They had custom towels as free gift incentive. These towels come in many fun designs that surely enticed children:


Our Takeaways

This hangsell display is indeed a very innovative one. Ferrero indeed established themselves as a brand that knows how to successfully market to kids.

Hangsells are a cost-effective promotional strategy that brands can implement in their in-store marketing. They surely will make their brand and products stand out from other competitors.


How we can help

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