In primary schools and kindergartens children will always like to learn new theory using different fancy tools that really will make them study with much more enthusiasm every day. We could offer different promotional products as a giveaway to our customers in a book shop or library. For instance, if we take an example of a book store, we could use a promotion where if the client spends 50 USD, we could offer him a corporate gift like a plastic brick pencil. This pencil is not the typical one as it has an amusing design which will really attract kids to use regularly as they will enjoy it.

We can see a graphical representation of this interesting giveaway that we could offer our target market:


Fabulous giveaway for kids: Plastic Brick Pencils

Fabulous giveaway for kids: Plastic Brick Pencils

How does this giveaway impact our sales scope and help us retain customers which will enable us to build long-term relationships with them?

A giveaway is really high-valued these days for any business as it will reinforce its marketing campaign and gain customer attraction due to their commitment and the way clients are treated. Clients love to receive promotional products for free as they are usually very practical and simple to carry around. Providing this amazing plastic brick pencil to their kids will give you even more reputation as for parents, see their kids happy is the most important thing in the world; and if we are involved in it we will definitely establish a great customer relationship for years.

This giveaway is just a simple creative designed pencil that makes its usage more amusing.

Investing in our marketing campaign will always result positive as we are throwing our name out to the public and increasing brand awareness. This is key to achieve the most revenue as possible. We need to differentiate from our main rivals as there is always going to be many companies that provide the same service out there, but the key is to offer different services and promotional products that will really enable us to gain competitive advantage over them.