Having a targeted marketing for dairies is fundamental in such a competitive market. Yili has done this by offering a keychain as a promo gift. With every purchase of a box of 20 milk packets, a customer receives a complimentary keychain. This promo gift was found in Wal-Mart, Zhuhai.

Yili Group is one of the most famous dairies in China headquartered in Inner Mongolia. Its products include milk power, ice cream, milk tea powder, sterilized milk and fresh milk. The company was an official sponsor of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Target Marketing for Dairies -  Yili China On Pack

Target Marketing for Dairies – Yili China On Pack

 Effective target marketing through on pack for dairies

The milk product that had the promo gift was growth milk for children. Target marketing would be directed at children and to a certain extent, parents. Children are normally fussy over the milk to drink and so parents would let children choose their own milk while grocery shopping. When a child sees the keychain on the box of milk, they would be more inclined to purchase Yili’s milk over other diaries.

Even if parents choose dairies for their children, they would also be inclined to buy Yili’s milk with the promo gift. This is because parents would think that the keychain would make a good gift for their children. Thus, Yili has done a good job in capturing the attention of dairies target marketing through this on pack

How does the promo gift help diaries like Yili?

Target marketing leads to an increase in sales. When the increase in sales is enough to offset the cost of the keychains, additional profit is made.

Apart from an increase in sales, target marketing also fosters customer loyalty. After receiving the promo gift from Yili, consumers would have an impression that Yili dairies cares for its customers. This would encourage them to make repeat purchases. Eventually, they would buy most of their dairies products from Yili as it is their preferred brand. The promo gift helps to enhance Yili in the long term.

Just like how this promo gift has helped Yili, it can help your brand as well!