On pack gift have been recently spotted everywhere in China to boost sales by the end of Chinese New Year. Walmart in China, is collaborating with some brands for drinks to do on pack gift marketing. They have been witnessed as successful marketing strategies.

Class Kiss loves On Pack Gift.

Class Kiss yogurt is offering on pack gifts with food container as well as shopping bag. They are simple yet cost effective for marketing. Eco shopping bag is definitely suitable for on pack gift marketing in the supermarket. Also food container is an essential in our daily life, which can be branded as well.

On Pack Gift Marketing by Walmart China

On Pack Gift Marketing by Walmart China

Consumers are entitled to gift cups if they purchase one box of banana milk. The on pack gift cups have been displayed decently.  ODM are always looking for cool on pack promo gifts and experienced in manufacturing them in China.

Why Red Packet Is Good For On Pack Gift before Chinese New Year?

Given Chinese New Year is approaching, eye-catching red packets will be sold out before Chinese New Year because of Chinese rich culture. Mostly the old people will give lucky money to the younger people in a red packet, which means it will bring good luck to both sides for the coming year.

Yakult combines local culture to do such a good on pack gift marketing. It is a really effective and fit well in their branding strategy.

On Pack Gift Marketing by Walmart China

On Pack Gift Marketing by Walmart China

The Benefit of On Pack Gift Marketing by Walmart China.

On pack gift is always an effective method to boost sales volume and increase brand awareness to meet marketing requirements.

Choosing the right marketing is critically important for any promotions. ODM are happy to offer you more ideas for your next marketing plan. Also, Mindsparkz will help to design any unique on pack gift according to your requirements. Offering an on pack gift has the ability to enhance the brands in the long term and drive sales.

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