With the COVID19 pandemic, personal protection and hygiene are in everybody’s minds now. The demand for masks has risen over time as they are necessities to have basic protection from the bacteria and germs. Parents are also more protective fo their children’s safety and hygiene. A problem that has surfaced is that the standard medical-grade masks are too big for children and hence, are not effective for children’s use. Therefore, parents or caregivers are looking for smaller masks that are suitable for children. We are happy to share with you the custom disposable kids masks, which gives abetter protection for children.

Custom Disposable Kids Masks

Custom Disposable Kids Masks

Since there is a massive need for face masks, business owners can offer custom disposable kids masks as custom retail merchandise or part of a customer giveaway or redemption gift promotion.


Why Should I Offer Custom Disposable Kids Masks?

Suitable for Children

The custom disposable kids’ masks are smaller than the standard masks. They are 14cm by 9cm whereas the standards masks are 17.5cm by 9.5cm. If a child wears a bigger mask, protection is not really effective, as there will be big gaps at the side that bacteria can enter. Therefore, a smaller mask is more effective as there will not be a cap on the sides.



The masks are medical and have 3 protective layers. The two outer layers are made of Polypropylene, where the inner layer is an absorbent to absorb saliva, mucus, or other body fluids. The middle layer acts as a filter.

Custom Disposable Kids Masks

Custom Disposable Kids Masks

Design Appeal

The masks have attractive and cute designs on the outer layer. A problem that parents might have is that their kids may be reluctant to wear a mask. However, they may be excited about the custom disposable kids’ masks design and will be interested in the cartoon printed on the mask.

Custom Disposable Kids Masks

Custom Disposable Kids Masks

Ensure Proper Use

One mistake that many people have with wearing masks is wearing it wrongly. They may wear the wrong side out. With custom disposable kids masks, parents will know which side should be worn out.


Brand Image

Giving out custom disposable kids masks will let people know that your company really cares about their well-being and safety. Customers will have a good impression of your company and will remember your brand.


Our Takeaways…

Custom Disposable Kids’ Masks are suitable for children as they give more effective protection. In addition, they are appealing to the age group due to the cute cartoon design printed on them. If you are interested in custom disposable kids masks, then do not hesitate to send us an inquiry for product code: ODM-2948.


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