Looking for new promotional strategies to promote your brand and boost sales? Look no further as this free gift incentive idea is just what you need. Remy Martin, the popular drink brand is offering a free trolley bag for purchases over above $300 and this might just be the marketing breakthrough suggestion that you need.

free gift incentive

How does a free gift incentive help your brand?

  • Drives Impulse buys – There is widespread psychological reasoning of how consumers are more likely to purchase more of something if they believe there is an added value to the weight of their purchase. If you walk into a store with a budget of say, $150 and you see the opportunity to get a free, quality product if you only double your purchase. You are more likely to go beyond your budget and buy products way over your pre-planned budget because somewhere in your mind, this gift is worth the extra purchase as it is an added value to the delightful products you acquired. This is the consumer rationale and why people are more likely to make more impulse purchases with this free gift incentive.


  • Boosts Sales and increases awareness of the brand – If this free gift incentive drives impulse buys, this inherently translates into increased sales for the brand products because not only would this mean people buying more than initially planned to, there is a higher chance that they would spread the word about this promotion. They would tell their friends and loved ones who would, in turn, tell their own friends and families, and like that, the word is spread. One of the fastest ways to sell your product is by word of mouth.


  • Competitive advantage: This promotional strategy makes you stand out and puts you ahead of the competition curve as it not only piques curiosity but evokes immediate action and influences consumer behavior.

free gift incentive


What qualifies as a ‘good’ free gift incentive?

free gift incentive

  • Quality and design of the product: You want to use a product of excellent quality and intelligent design as this is what determines if the consumer would be interested enough to want to earn this as a free gift or not. The worth of this product to the consumer is what influences their buying behavior while the design is what attracts them in the first place.


  • Value to the customer: It is important that you know your target audience. What kind of products would they be interested in as a free gift incentive? There are a couple of promotional ideas that will not break the bank and are equally relevant to your audience.

free gift incentive counter display

  • Creative Custom counter displays: To attract the consumers’ attention to your promotion, you need a counter display or POS displays that stands out and is true to your brand. Custom counter displays are an excellent in-store promotion strategy because it always sets your brand apart and is a fail-proof way to pique consumer’s interest and engage their senses into making unplanned purchase decisions. You want something that stands out and this is why you need ODM.


To sum up,

Free gift incentives are an excellent initiative and it guarantees phenomenal results if executed the right way. You don’t want to offer a free gift that no one is interested in or run a promotion and nobody notices.The key to an amazing free gift with incentive is an amazing design that attracts your clients and wows your consumers. Let ODM help you wow your target audience.


How can ODM help you?

Would you like to take your brand promotion to the next level? If so, let our team of designers and merchandisers help you out! Here, at ODM, we specialize in designing and manufacturing bespoke POS displays and high-end POP displays for retail. We can also help with simple retail displays, promotional product packaging, and custom promotional giveaways.

With years of experience in the promotional product industry, you can expect our company to deliver high-quality designs and products exclusively designed for your business.


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