Employee appreciation gifts are a wonderful way to show HR professionals our sincere gratitude for their work. HR Professionals are an integral part of every successful company. They are tasked to assess and hire the right candidate for a specific job and handle employee relations, train people, and assess their performance. They need to be well-rounded in order to be effective in their line of work. So, to show your appreciation, here are unique yet useful corporate gift ideas for HR professionals.


Corporate Gift Ideas that HR Professionals Will Love

1. Stationery Set

Great ideas start with scribbles! Putting ideas to paper is a creative process that allows a person to visualize their ideas.

Your stationery gift set may include pens with company logo, notebooks with beautiful covers, erasers, multifunctional rulers, cute pencils, and sticky notes. We have published numerous case studies on why #notebooks are the number one go-to corporate marketing gifts, so be sure to check them out!

Journals, notebooks, notepads, and pens are a simple yet brilliant way to get your message across. HR professionals would surely love to receive a stationery set because it is something they can use in their job. They can use it to keep memos, important meetings, jot down ideas for trainings, or just doodle. And who does not like to write on a beautifully-designed notebook? Some people even love collecting custom-designed ones. Below are some of our favorite custom promotional notebooks:

Corporate Gift- Custom Promotional Notebooks

Corporate Gift- Custom Promotional Notebooks


2. Wine Accessories

A bottle of wine after a long day’s work is certainly relaxing. So, why not gift your hardworking HR manager wine accessories? If you are feeling generous and would want to reward them with something high-end that they can use for many years, a custom wine aerator would be a great idea. Wine aerators allow the wine to “breathe” and thereby improve the taste and aroma of the wine.

Customized wine stoppers are also a fine gift for wine connoisseurs. Traditionally, wine stoppers are made from cork. However, once the cork is removed, it can be hard to put it back in. Today, there are so many wine stoppers available in the market. One of our personal favorites is the crystal wine stopper. The sparkly material lends a luxurious and high-end feel. Contact our team with product code ODM-2553. We also published a blog about this product so be sure to check that out!

Corporate Gift Ideas - Customized-Bottle-Stoppers

Corporate Gift Ideas – Customized-Bottle-Stoppers

Better yet, offer a branded wine gift set complete with a corkscrew opener, glasses, bottle sleeves, and wine plugs. Your HR manager will be delighted to have a collection of wine tools that they can use for special occasions.


3. Custom Wireless Earbuds

Say goodbye to snags and tangles because wireless earbuds are gaining popularity nowadays. Because it is wireless, it does not restrict the user’s movements. However, what makes this product different from other bluetooth earbuds is that it is made from cornstarch- a great alternative to plastic. Take a look at these promotional earbuds:


Corporate Gift Ideas -Promotional-Earbuds

Corporate Gift Ideas -Promotional-Earbuds

These promotional earbuds can be a part of a larger gift set consiting of other phone accessories such as power bank with logo, mobile phone cover, and phone holder.


4. Powerbank

Your HR manager will surely be happy to receive a power bank on Christmas or on any special holiday. This is perfect for business trips where power outlets are not easily accessible. we have featured so many different kinds of power banks here in our online magazine. One of our favorites is this credit-card-sized power bank:

What we like about this credit-card-sized power bank is that they are very slim and easy to keep in your bags and pockets.


5. Laptop Accessories

Laptop accessories can be the best gifts you can offer your HR personnel. Webcam covers, mice, laptop jacket, and USB connectors are great gifts to offer office workers. They will surely be used every day, thus encouraging them to uphold your company values.


Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate Gift Ideas

6. Desk Organizers

Simple yet useful, desks and wall organizers are great gifts for human resources personnel. They will surely be using these organizers every day and see your company name in these products. We like these custom wooden pen holders and desktop organizers because they are high-utility and they provide a lot of room for creativity. Also, materials can vary. The vehicle shaped ones (ODM-2928) are made from MDF (medium density fireboard) while the other custom desktop organizers are made from wood.

Corporate Gift Ideas - Desk Organizers

Corporate Gift Ideas – Desk


7. COVID 19 Supplies

What better way to show your employees that you care than with useful COVID 19 supplies? You can offer them custom reusable face masks, a set of hand sanitizers, a spray pen UV pen, face shields, or anything that they can use during these times. Useful and relevant, not only will these items keep them safe from the viruses, but they also convey how much you care for them during these times.



8. Work from Home Survival Kit

Many companies have switched to work-from-home mode since the pandemic. Many have still yet to go back to their offices due to the threat of COVID 19. So offer human resources managers gifts that they can use to relax and at the same time increase their productivity. We previously did a blog on some useful work-from-home-survival items.

Work from Home Survival Kit

Work from Home Survival Kit


9. Fitness Kit

Why a fitness kit? Gyms are yet to operate because of COVID 19. So, to encourage people to stay healthy and fit, offer them a fitness kit to help them take better care of their bodies.

Home Workout Survival Kit

Home Workout Survival Kit


10. Personalized Cards

Who says that the art of letter writing and card-giving is dead? Personalized cards are a great way to convey your message. Add a personal touch to your cards by giving them 3D pop-up cards instead of the usual cards. Designs may vary depending on your branding requirement. You can also add a personal message to keep them even more motivated and inspired. To learn more about custom pop up cards, quote product code ODM-2096 when contacting our team.


Corporate Gift Ideas-Custom-Pop-Up-Card

Corporate Gift Ideas-Custom-Pop-Up-Card



HR professionals surely are the heart and soul of a company. Gifting them is one way to show much we appreciate their dedication and hard work. The key to choosing the best employee appreciation gift is to consider what gifts best align with their values and preferences. It is also important to consider what they need so that they feel appreciated.


Contact ODM

Are you looking for fresh corporate gift ideas? Here at ODM, we love to put an exciting twist on all our favorite promotional products. We have a team of in-house designers who can help design new ideas that will match your branding needs and marketing budget. If you love the products mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact our team and quote the product codes.


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