The work-from-home setup isn’t that new to us. Even before the global health crisis hit, many of us are already working away from the conventional office setup. But since the pandemic, the demand to do jobs at home has significantly increased. Thanks to the constantly-changing technology, working at home has been more conducive, more at ease, and more sustainable. There go the never-ending brilliant ideas on how to organize a conducive workspace. And this custom branded laptop stand has forever solved every WFH staff. So, discover why this innovative laptop stand is a perfect branded work-from-home gift you can offer your employees and clients. Complete their work from home survival kit!

custom laptop stand

custom laptop stand


Top 6 Reasons for Using Custom Laptop Stand

Using laptops is undoubtedly helpful in terms of speed and portability. But as time passes by, users will definitely experience some health and posture problems. Gladly, there is a solution to this: a custom laptop stand. 

  • The Laptop Screen will be on Eye Level 

By using an adjustable laptop stand, the laptop screen can now be at eye level. Studies show that working too long in front of the computer while bending your neck can cause neck and eye health issues. So, with the help of a laptop stand, you are now helping people to address this concern of theirs. 

  • Typing Ergonomics will Improve

This innovative laptop stand is specifically designed for efficiency and comfort in the working-at-home environment. Virtual Assistants and Content Writers – who spend more time typing on the computer – would definitely love to have this one. It will help typing sessions easier since the laptop keyboard will be slanted. 

custom laptop stand

Custom Laptop Stand


  • Laptop Overheating No More

One of the best features of custom laptop stands is that it has a cooling effect on laptops. You can relate that it is uneasy working with an overheating laptop. Let your customers experience it no more by offering this as a promotional gift. 

  • People can work even when standing

Sitting too long while working isn’t good for our posture. The weight of our head and back as we sit can cause back, neck, and shoulder pain. But, with the help of this laptop stand, users can now work while standing. 

  • Reduces Clutter on the Desk

The working area can now be more pleasing with this branded stand. People can now place their mouse under the laptop stand when not using it. Cables are now easier to manage since this frees up your workspace from clutter.

  • Beneficial to Overall Health

With all the benefits for customers’ health, this laptop stand is surely a must-have! When neck pain, back pain, and strenuous eyes are gone, users will see an improvement in their overall health. Working from home will be more sustainable and livable with this branded giveaway.

custom laptop stand

Custom Laptop Stand

Custom Laptop Stand: What are the Features? 

As a branded promotional product this laptop stand also allows you to bring your brand name in front of your customers. Your audience will see you every time this is being used. 

This custom laptop stand is:

  1. Lightweight and Portable
  2. 7 Gears Adjustable
  3. Ergonomic Design
  4. Easy to Install
  5. Compatible to all size devices up to 17.3 inches. 
custom laptop stand

custom laptop stand

In conclusion

Work-from-home setup has tremendously changed the corporate landscape. It has been on the rise this past decade but became even more popular during this pandemic. However, working in this setup also comes with some disadvantages. Health problems and decreased productivity are among them. This custom laptop stand is an ideal way to keep your employees company during this stressful times.

Branded gifts are still important for employees- even more so this pandemic. Whether it be a laptop bag with a logo or a custom laptop sleeve. This makes them feel welcomed, involved, and appreciated.

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