The Covid-19, being an unforeseen event in history, made a massive impact on the world’s economic state. Various travel restrictions are being placed on both domestic and international flights to prevent the spread of the virus. On the whole, global travel retail was enormously affected due to a lack of local and international tourists. However, many would argue that global travel retail marketing is set to find its place amid the pandemic. Thus, this industry is still booming despite the coronavirus.

global travel retail

global travel retail


Global Travel Retail

Although airports hold the bigger portion of this sector, global travel retail also includes cruise lines, ferries, and ports. Due to travel restrictions, some of the largest airports encountered a significant drop in passengers by about 90% for the months of March, April, and May of 2020. If you have a business related to these sectors, we understand the devastation you’ve felt since the first half of last year. How can we cope up despite these numbers? Nido, as well as Kinder, showed up to prove that this industry will reverse its loss.


Nido’s Free Bag with Purchase

Nido, a company producing formulated powdered milk wowed travelers and customers with its latest free bag with purchase promo in Sharjah Airport. When customers buy two pouches of Nido’s powdered milk, they will get this valuable custom-branded bag.

global travel retail

This is a simple yet effective idea to boost sales during this pandemic. Shoppers are more likely to buy products that offer additional value.

In addition, the bag will be of use to customers. They can use it to carry the Nido packs they bought. When they get home, the bag can be used for hauling grocery items. As the bag is roomy, customers can even use it to carry their picnic essentials. There are so many things to do with a promotional tote bag!


Kinder’s Plush Toy Packaging

Spotted at the same airport, Kinder also launched its latest custom chocolate packaging bringing more joy to customers and recipients. This plush toy chocolate packaging comes with a lot of sweets inside.

Global Travel Retail

Global Travel Retail


4 Business Lessons from these Big Companies?

These two companies are proof that global travel retail promotion is still alive and keeps booming despite the current world health crisis. What do we like about their promotions?

  1. Risk-takers

    Nido and Kinder are not afraid to show up. They saw this pandemic as a challenge – not as a stumbling block. As a retailer, how do you see this pandemic? Is it already time to give up? These companies took this chance to show up, and uphold their promise to their customers.

  2. They understand the business

    Yes, the statistics presented a 90% loss since the first half of 2020. But these brands trust the 10%, and this low percentage is their hope. Also yes, there are major restrictions for travel, but still, there are exemptions to the rule. People labeled as APOR or Authorized Person Outside of Residence who are allowed to travel. Still, the market is there. And with the delayed gratification feeling of every customer or traveler, surely, they are all excited to embark at airports. How brilliant an idea it is to start your promotions in global travel retail merchandising as early as now. Competitions are not that high.

  3. They studied their promotions well

    Both Nido and Kinder have manifested preparedness in their promotions. If you are a parent, you will inevitably be enticed by Kinder’s adorable custom plush toy packaging. It will definitely put a smile on kids when they receive this as a present. With Nido’s practical free gift promo, parents will see it as convenient to carry. If you look at the larger picture, these companies are making a story: no need to go to supermarkets and get exposed to many people, we have it here for you!

  4. Branding is still On-Point!

    Through their products, we can see the image they are trying to show to their customers. Kinder, bringing more happiness and sweetness despite the pandemic. Nido, providing nutrition everywhere you go.

global travel retail

global travel retail


In conclusion

Just because an industry is struggling means it’s not working anymore. The global travel retail sector might be facing a huge challenge now but, business experts and risk-takers have not given up yet. Show up in the midst of a pandemic. Customers and travelers need your innovative solution more than ever. This is the perfect chance to prove that your brand will stand out!


ODM’s Role

Since 2003, ODM, showed up to prove that a company – through good times and bad times – should set an example. We have helped a lot of business owners to stand out amid the pandemic. With the help of our creative team, Mindsparkz, we are able to provide clients custom packaging solutions, custom free gifts, and giveaways with logos that reflect their company. This global health crisis also showed companies who will help you out. Contact us today. We have excellent promotional product concepts to helo you improve your travel retail marketing.


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