This huge fluffy panda display in Hong Kong airport is an excellent airport marketing idea. Since Hong Kong’s national animal is panda, having a large stuffed animal as a POS display really adds a distinctive character to their store.

Airport Marketing

Airport Marketing

Competition in airports can be quite hectic, thus, it can be difficult to stand out. Right now, this stuffed animal is our favorite airport promotional idea. Not only does it attracts customers, but it also reflects Hong Kong culture.

We have seen a lot of bespoke and cool custom point of sale displays around the globe, but this one never fails to impress us. Here’s why:


Airport Marketing – Why This Giant Stuffed Panda Works

  • Draws Attention – Welcoming the customers is this massive panda plushie. It is hard to miss so customers will surely be drawn to the display and ultimately to the store. The likable character significantly makes travellers’ shopping experience more memorable and fun.


  • Iconic – Panda is the national animal of Hong Kong. Thus, this is an iconic display that will surely make people talk. Browsing through the internet, we have found social media posts featuring the giant plush panda. This means it is effective in creating offline and online buzz.
Airport Marketing

Airport Marketing

  • Fun Factor – Entertaining and fun to look at, custom promotional mascots are really hard to ignore. As they create a welcoming atmosphere, customers are likely to come to the store and interact with the mascot, thus creating more foot traffic.


  • Eye-Catching – The custom POS display adds an eye-catching appeal that customers will surely love. Attention-grabbing displays are an effective way to make people pay attention in your business. Once their attention is focused on your display, they will eventually become interested in what you have to offer.


  • Texture – The soft, fluffy mascot adds a unique texture as well as visual appeal that piques the interest of shoppers and travelers. One cannot help but touch the display and take a picture of it.


Our Key Takeaways…

When it comes to creating lasting impressions and strong brand awareness, mascots are a great advertising tool. They serve as the face of your business and create a positive image for your brand. Their visual impact allows customers to easily remember your company in a way no other marketing medium can.

So, would a promotional mascot help boost your airport marketing? If so, then get in touch with our merchandising and product design team. We specialize in sourcing, design, and manufacture of promotional products for global markets. Whether you need custom promotional merchandise or product giveaways, you can always count on us to deliver great products on a timely manner.

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