Air Asia, a Malaysian budget airline is Asia’s largest low-fare, no-frills airline and a pioneer of low-cost travel in Asia. Travelling destinations not only include places in Asia but now they ave also branched out with flights to Australia, Europe (Paris & London), not forgetting Hawaii (Honolulu). What interests ODM most is that Air Asia has developed various fun and attractive custom merchandise for their customers to purchase on board or online.

Plush toy in a globe

Most merchandise campaigns will attract young & old passengers alike with the plane plush and 3D puzzle that can be used to keep us entertained and later kept as decorative items (advertising Air Asia).

You will see on all these promos that the Pantone colours of the gifts and collectible merchandise is matching the Air Asia colours and branding guidelines. This is very important for giving a higher end and unique outlook to your collection.

More Promos – Collectible fridge magnets work as a reminder to fly with Air Asia again as you grab snacks from the fridge. The magnetic chess set will be a typical travelling companion that everyone prefers. Compact, light and also good as a family bonding tool. Something Air Asia and ODM believe all travelling companies or tour agencies would want to offer their clients.

merchandise campaigns

Whether for long rides or short ones,this comfort kit will be every travelers’ want. A very good tool for branding as this comfort kit may be brought along wherever the purchaser travels, hence free marketing and good branding for Air Asia. Same goes to the multi purpose bag especially for ladies on-the-go.

The aircraft model gives a sense corporate branding to Air Asia as such decorative item will usually be placed on shelves or cupboards which is easily noticeable. As for those business travelers, this space saving mouse with a chic design will be something very useful to them.

Another key item with this core merchandise campaign is that they are not limited to a certain age but caters to a large segment of the market irrespective of age and gender

Need help in brainstorming ideas on what promotional items to offer your customers, contact us and let us help you with it. Not just brainstorming but sourcing, designing, manufacturing and also doing quality checks!

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3D Puzzle Plane

Custom model plane supplier

Custom travel bags

Custom Promo Mouse

We recently wrote about a few other Duty Free and airline marketing and merchandise campaigns.  Its not just Western airlines leading the charge for in-flight marketing and duty sales.  Check out this blog to see where Chinese airlines are also strongly competing with this marketing campaign.

2016 Marketing Budget - Promotions by China Airlines

2016 Marketing Budget – Promotions by China Airlines