Walking Billboard

The April Electronics Trade Fair kicked off at the Hong Kong Convention Center today.   We will be posting many blogs over the coming days on new products we found.    We spotted a cool “walking billboard” whilst checking out the show and followed it into the lighting section.

Traditional Billboards used to be very bland and have less efficiency in showcasing promotional messages. This walking billboard offers much more visibility to the message being transmitted. It has a double sided board, the front message is only on the upper part of the billboard. On the back side the message runs along the entire length of the billboard (around 1.5m long).

The tall nature of this walking billboard makes it very easy for anyone to spot as it is above everyone’s head, not many object or people can block the message from being seen correctly.

The lighting of the walking billboard is an added plus as the message stands out much clearer and can easily be read by individuals passing by. This type of product is of great use to promote advertising or promotional messages in venues with a large crowds. Restaurants could use this to attract more business at night.

Companies wanting to showcase a message should use this type of product during sports events, concerts, museums, festivals, convention centers, malls or any busy street intersection. Any event with large gatherings these billboards will have a very efficient effect of maximizing the number of individuals being exposed to the message printed.

These products are completely customizable and the width and hight can be adjusted according to your company’s requirements. The product is easy to carry, it feels just like carrying a backpack.

Contact ODMasia for any request relating to manufacturing of the “walking billboard” as well for assistance for the design of your promotional message or adverstising.