Mannings GWP for Playboy

Mannings Hong Kong is featuring a new fun promo – pairing up free silicon iPhone case with every purchase of Playboy condoms.

Notice that the iPhone case is in hot, kinky pink.   This marketing campaign showcases the endless possibilities GWP can offer a brand to promote or differentiate itself. These promotional gifts need not be related to the products/service you specialize in.

As long as they offer utility to the recipient and that there is a demand for the product such promotions can really work wonders for your brand.   Other notable campaigns

Mannings understood the market well and are riding on the growing demand for iPhones and associated accessories. A simple, cost effective product like this one could warrant an impulse purchase since this special deal is for every packet of condoms purchased.

Also, the GWP may also attract potential consumers who have not tried Playboy condoms to actually buy and try – switching from other brands they know and trust.

On Shelf GWP Promotions

Key Drawback for this type of Promo – it could alienate people who do not own an iphone. This said, ability to regift promotional products can still make this work really well.