Promo Pouch for Packaging

Promo Pouches can be offered as a GWP campaign for the purchase of a set of body lotions or sunblock creams by cosmetic companies. The picture here shows a perfect example of how any cosmetic company can use a pouch, this one in PVC plastic, in a way to entice customers towards a purchase by presenting the products inside the pouch bag. Printing a corporate name or logo will offer increased visibility of your company’s brand when customers use the bag after they have purchased the item.

Its spring and summer is going to arrive very quickly. Make sure to think about giving out pouch bags to your customers. These bags are of great use during summer months when people go to the beach, lake or to the pool.  Keep there sun block, lotions and shampoo separate, which means they wont get sandy or wet.

Cylindrical Packaging Supplier

Any of these bags can be customized in size, shape, color and material. Some bags can have a zipper around the top part or down the side of the pouch for easier access. Any type of material can be used to make this pouch, different variations of textile, PVC, or material to make the pouch entirely water resistant. The more transparent material is used the more visibility the customer will have to the inside of the bag.

This product can easily be customized to your company’s taste, by printing a logo or your brand‘s name at any location on the pouch.  Contact ODMasia for any request relating to the manufacturing and customization of pouch bags – we can assist you in the design and sourcing the appropriate material.