Delifrance Hong Kong position umbrella stands outside some of their stores to pull in new customers.   The umbrellas are good quality and competitively priced.  If it is raining they are a very convenient item for clients to purchase on impulse.

Promo Gift at POS

The stores will make a little profit on the umbrellas, but this is almost beside the point.   Most importantly, the French themed fast food brand gets tremendous exposure with people using these promo umbrellas long term.

The chain have designed a small stand which matches the decor of their tables/chairs.   They have placed it next to a menu & close to the cash register making a lot of sense in terms of Promotional Products display.

The umbrellas take up very little space so they do not detract from the overall aesthetic of the chain – nor do they take up valuable seating space.

Promo Product Caption - Take me away on a Rainy Day