Feng Shui measuring tape measures auspicious dimensions

A promotional feng shui measuring tape makes an interesting twist on a standard promo product.   When giving away a gift it is always important to stand out so we recommend this product to create a buzz and still provide great utility for your clients.

In Chinese culture & business feng shui plays a very important part  (風水 Fēng Shuǐ), a form of geomancy where adherents gain benefits by manipulating surroundings to best auspicious positions so that Qi energy flows best.

An odd variant of the conventional measuring tape, the feng shui measuring tape houses measures to help calculate the most auspicious dimensions for a home / office furniture and doors. Thus they are typically used by feng shui practitioners during audits of homes before purchase or renovation to identify how best to make the unit or surroundings auspicious.

A close up view of a feng shui measuring tape

This makes a great gift with purchase due to its high utility and perceived value for local clients.  Chinese consumer markets will understand that you have a strong cultural awareness increasing your reputation and augmenting existing marketing campaigns.

For non Chinese markets the feng shui measuring tape may also act as an exotic promotional product for consumers.   ODM can customise or translate as required.

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