Its summer time and with the sun is shining its a great time to receive car sun shades – no more sun in eyes and squinting because of the sun rays.  The shape can also be designed to resemble any form, although the best shape would be one that covers most of the window in order to block off the sun’s UV rays.

The static sun shade is great promotional item for any corporate brand, sports team, or even a University to offer as a promotional item. The sun shade is completely customizable in its shape, design and print on the PVC material. The most common shape is a rectangle with dimensions usually around 45cm by 35cm, this can be changed according to client’s request.

The printing is not made to be read by the people on the inside of the car but is visible for other car drivers and people walking by to notice the display on the sun shade.

There are many different types of car sun shades for the passenger windows. The most common sun shades are made of cardboardnylon mesh or PVC. The easiest and most practical sun shades are the static sun shades. The unique characteristic of this product is that it can stick to any window and be peeled off and reused continuously because it is made with the static PVC material (polyvinyl chloride). The static sun shade is very efficient at blocking UV rays and displaying brand names and logos.

This is a great product for any corporate brand to give out as a promotional item. Would be a great product for any car company, insurance group, sports team, gas company. One could imagine gas companies offering this as a GWP product with the purchase of a full tank of gas. Sports teams could offer this at the end of games with the logo of the team, fans will always be glad to showcase who they support! Great way to increase the visibility of your brand by offering these free static sun shades. The sun is going to shine all summer long so make sure to include sun shades as part of your next promotional product campaign.

Contact ODMasia, we can help your company customize and manufacture static sun shades or any other type of sun shade that you request.    Some other blogs…..