Custom erasers are a great way to turn your logo or mascot into a promotional product. Designers and Creatives are typical sort of user in the adult world.   Students need an eraser on their work desk or at school to correct mistakes and improve their work too. Whether targeting adults or children customized erasers are a great promotional tool.

Making an eraser from your company’s logo or from a mascot will be extremely simple and relatively inexpensive in mass manufacture. There are many fun examples for which a custom eraser can be used as a very efficient promotional product. A construction company or an architect could make erasers shaped as tools with the name of their company labelled on the eraser.

Custom Made Erasers.

This kind of promotion is terrific for companies because its cheap and it will be of great use to the customers they aretargeting. Everyone loves receiving a useful promotional product even when it is something as simple as an eraser.

Sports teams could make erasers from their team mascot, team logo or even an eraser of a star player. Erasers are capable of being molded in any desired shape, color and size, which makes them a great promotional product. The larger the eraser the more branding position is offered to print brand or company names on to it.

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