Here is a fresh idea from the Hong Kong Licensing Trade Show, held at the Hong Convention and Exhibition Center, for vegetable suppliers : The Beet Party by Toonbox Entertainment and Redrover. This is a 3D animated musical-comedy series.  Each two-minute episode  is a fun short story involving five beet-boxing vegetables. The characters are sure to appeal to young children and even not so young ones!

The Beet Party characters and fridge

We believe that partnering with these licensed characters would be a great way for vegetable brands to promote themselves.  Though it has not yet be done before, why not turn these animation characters into physical promotional items? They could be made into anything : figurines, key rings, pens, plush toys etc. They would make a the perfect on pack gift. They would be both an incentive for kids to eat your vegetables and  therefore an incentive product for parents to buy your brand over another. After all we all kow how hard it is to get children to eat veggies

The Beet Party Characters


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