Today ODM was at the Licensing trade show held in Hong Kong Exhibition Center. We were there to spot new promotional product ideas and copyright properties you might like to partner with to promote your brand.

Original Success Story : Promotional Gifts Based on Bloodtype by Leonsmart

One character I appreciated was Blood Type ABO. The company  that licenses this little character is Leeonsmart Intellectual Property Licensing from Korea. He came to life as a web toon on Cyworld paper, a South Korean social network service, in 2004.  Its purpose was to help make the whole blood type system clearer to people. He was such a success that a book called “A simple Thinking About Blood Type (BLOOD TYPE ABO)” was published in Asia in 2009. The 1st Edition sold out in 5 days! Now you can find all sorts of promotional items based on this small character : anything from diaries and mobile phone straps to air fresheners and portable bag hangers.

Promotional Gifts Based on Bloodtype

Though already a smashing hit in countries like Korea, Taiwan or China, Blood Type ABO is not well known yet in Europe, the US or Australia. Why not benefit from this and be the first to partner with him these regions? Do not hesitate to contact ODM if a partnership with this licensed character interests your company.

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