Booto is a timid licensed rabbit character from Korea that we spotted at the 2012 Licensing Show, held at the Hong Kong Conventions and Exhibitions Centre.

licensed character : Booto rabbit

This little white rabbit is no ordinary rabbit. Indeed, as you can see Booto is always wearing a scarf around his neck. Well hidden in the back of his scarf is a secret message.  Though the message varies from one rabbit to another the general themes remain the same : love, friendship, wishes etc. There exists a whole string of books and stories about the cute character.

Secret message hidden inside Booto's scarf

This licensed character would make a great promotional item. In fact it has already been used for this purpose. There exists a wide range of promotional gifts in relation with Booto rabit : plush toys, calendars, greetings cards, stationery etc. Of course ODM could help you acquire other products in the same theme.

Booto calendar

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