On Pack promotion

On Pack promotion

Belgian beer brand Kwak has a strong heritage and a very unique look.  Offering its signature round bottomed glass and wooden stand as an on pack gift along with two bottles of beer (33 cl.), this provides excellent visibility of beers on shelves.

Beer brands differentiate themselves throughout the world with innovative marketing campaigns, but this one really stands out with the use of custom made glasses & wooden stand.  Most beer companies limit themselves to just having a unique glass.

The signature drink represents Kwak’s long time tradition and heritage. Originating in the days of the stage coach, Pauwel Kwak created the special glass for his beer, to cater to coachmen who were required to stay on the coach and horses. The shape of the glass allows an easier grip, allowing it to be hung over the coach.

on pack promotion

Kwak’s Signature Glass in Wooden Stand on pack

Understanding the history and purpose behind the glass allows the recipient to have a novel experience when drinking Kwak. Exclusive promotional items like this make your customers feel special and connected to you – essential in the beer industry as these are aspects which are able to garner you customer loyalty.

More details on the process of manufacturing on pack custom designed glasses: