In the drinks industry, aesthetics and presentation of the bottle is critical.  Since Vodka is transparent, with no colour deviations like Whiskey, packaging is key to differentiating it with other brands.

Here we see: Camitz & Lindberger, Swedish distiller of Camitz Sparkling Vodka, taking it one step further, creating a gift pack which is presented in a striking yet simple design of bag.

Promotional Bag for Gift Pack


  • A 200ml bottle of Camitz Sparkling Vodka (alcohol by volume, 40%)
  • 2 Shot Glasses
  • A Camitz branded Champagne-type stopper

The gift bag was an instant hit when they were given out selectively in an exhibition, at ExCel London.

Customers love the idea of incorporating fashion with premium drinks, allowing them to conveniently carry the set around whenever there is a call for celebration. The chic design of the bag ensures repeat usage which will heighten visibility of the brand and enhance brand awareness, with its logo across it.

A Champagne Stopper is also thoughtfully provided as the vodka is known to stay sparkling for 8 hours after the cork has been popped. You can then prolong the life of its fizzle for up to 3 days with the stopper. A perfect gift for couples for all occasions!

Camitz & Lindberger has also been giving away other exclusive promotional items at launch events, including velvet bottle bags as seen and their very own recipe books for sparkling vodka.

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