Guinness celebrates its 250th Anniversary this year by giving away traditional contoured beer glass with every 4 (330ml) cans of beer purchased. Promoted around Hong Kong in supermarkets a pack of 4 cans are retailing at HKD$36.5 (USD$4.71).

Such a promotion whereby just 1 glass is given away encourages repeat purchase to have matching collection.

For this beer promotion, a simple packaging method was adopted- 4 cans of beer and a beer glass packed in a cardboard box.  The glass is placed in a separate inner box with a cache designed to hold it firmly and safely in place.

  • Able to hold 1 a can of beer
  • Silk Screen printing logo
  • Contoured glass for a better grip

The box does not have any handles attached but since it is small customers to carry it easily enough.   Glasses, mugs & steins are popular beer promotional products.

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