As the festive season approaches, wine and spirits companies are stepping up their promotions in all areas, including at super marts.

This promotion was spotted at supermarkets in Hong Kong- For HKD$98 (USD$12.65), a bottle of 750ml Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Rose Wine can be purchased; along with a pair of sparkling wine flutes as the promotional product.

Items are packed neatly in a window box that clearly displays the bottle of wine and glasses. A die cut handle at the back of the box makes it very easy for customers to carry. On top of that, the cardboard used for the packing of the wine flutes is designed in a way intended to hold the glasses in place safely.   Finally, the large box ensures great positioning on the shelves of the wine section.

No branding or logo printed on the glasses – means customers can easily forget where they got the wine glass from.    This said, not having the logos may confer a higher perceived value on this kind of promo.

ODM also recommends other promotional products that compliment wine – like the wine album and the butterfly.   For serious wine buffs we recently came accross a great game from Le Nez du Vin.