Retailers are increasingly using long plastic strips to display new products in their stores.   Usually the focus is on low cost and low weight impulse-purchase items that are clipped in place and fit into a range of vertical spaces in the stores.  Similar to other POS displays, this merchandising is versatile and effective as it increases chances for sales.

A good example of using such a clip strip, would be putting a strip of Tea Tools next to the tea section of a retailer.   The retailer may not have a specific area for non food items on the shelf, but this new product which appeals to all tea drinkers makes for a great impulse purchase.

Widely used in supermarkets or convenience stores, clip strips are ideal especially for in-store promotions.

  • Available in different colours, not only white
  • Other materials such as plastic and metal is offered
  • Lengths of the clip strips can be customised
  • Loads fast and easy so store owner can just set up in seconds.
  • Tag at the top possible for branding

Maximising the space available and placing the clip strips near complimentary merchandise, this gives retailers a great promotional tool.    This really leads to great cross marketing opportunities   (another example – selling wine openers in the wine and spirits aisle).

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