Wellcome supermarkets in Hong Kong are having a new promotion for Hoegarrden White Beer.  Every purchase of 4 bottles of Beer (330ml) at HKD$55.20 (USD$8.06), entitles you to a free 2010 Calender & Memo Pack.

This beer promo is an ideal gift, especially during the end of the year as people clean out their desks to replace new calendars for the New Year.

Details of the in-pack merchandise:

  1. Octagon shape
  2. Full colour printing on every month of the calendar
  3. Calendar and memo pack can be folded and kept in box
  4. Logo printing on the memo pad

The packaging of this promotion both inside and outside is minimal- with a handle to carry and a cardboard to separate the bottles.   The packaging significantly increases the size of the box as this box could hold 6-8 beers.   This greatly increases the perceived value and the shelf space allocated.