Beer in box promoThis In-Store, Beer-in-Box promotion jumps off the shelves at Wellcome Hong Kong supermarkets.   Priced at just HK$49.90 (6.4USD),  you get the following:

  • 3 bottles of premium Erdinger beer
  • Pint size designer glass with logo
  • draw for Oktoberfest Hong Kong tickets

The box is large and therefore commands valuable space in the store.   The Erdinger marketing team made full use of the box to educate its customers, giving step-by-step instructions on the best pouring/serving method..

To enhance the education effect, this promotion gives customers the chance to try 2 different bottles of  beer, 2 * o.5 L White and 1 0.5 L Dunkel, in one purchase.      Every purchase made will give customers a chance to participate in the Traditional Wheat Beer, Traditional German Food and Traditional German Band Fest.

The whole packaging feels a little fragile as the glass is not separated from the 3 bottles of beer inside so the addition of a blister inside would be great. Customers who purchase it will might have to be wary of breaking the glass.

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Beer Promotional Glass  Erdinger Classic Beer Serving Method