Stella Artois Christmas Beer Promotion Pack is still retailing on the shelves at Wellcome Supermarkets in Hong Kong.

At $43.60HKD ($5.62USD), customers can purchase this Christmas Promotional Pack  that includes 4 bottles of beer (330ml) and a Mini Christmas Tree Lamp as a promotional item.

The packaging is very similar to the In Pack Beer Promotion-Hoegarrden where the pack comes in a cardboard box with plastic handle.  On the inside of the box it is separated by cardboard- Ensuring the bottles do not break  easily when carried around.

This product is appropriate for the Christmas season only as clearly a seasonal christmas tree along with decorations- bells, gold deco, star etc.

The light display comes in a USB or Battery function to suit the preference of customers – the USB function will help to save battery usage and turns this into a desktop promotional item.

  • On/Off Switch at the bottom
  • Logo printing  around the base of the light display
  • Flashes in 3 colours- Red, Green and Blue simultaneously
  • Inclusive of 3 AAA battery

Though Christmas has passed, ODM recommends this idea as being great for the festive season.   The lesson to learn on such a promo is to order early and ensure the promo has lots of time to sell out well before the season is over.

Lots of promos hitting the shelves now for upcoming Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day etc.